Running off the Teacher

In sixth grade, we had two teachers because the first teacher was run out. We started in the fall of 1928, when I was 10, with Miss Grace Edwards. Although it was common for teachers to be 18 and just out of high school, she was probably about 20, fresh out of the two-year teacher’s college in Bloomsburg, eight miles away. She boarded at our house in what later became our guest room.

She seemed like a very nice person. She had some new ideas and some new rules. One of them was that students should be confined to the school grounds. We weren’t used to that. I don’t know if it was that rule or what, but some of the boys took a disliking to her. Byron Moore was the ringleader.

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Going to Church with Bill

Sometimes in the winter, the dirt roads weren’t good enough for our Ford car to get to the Eyers Grove Methodist Church, a mile away. There was a low area near what is now Larry’s house. Water accumulated there; I don’t know whether there was a spring there under the road or what, but it was soft and spongy and easy to get stuck. That was the worst place to try to get to Eyers Grove.

On muddy Sundays, Dad would say, “I don’t know how we’re going to get there unless we get the road wagon out.” Then he hitched up one of our workhorses to our “road wagon.” It was called that because it had very high, big yellow wheels with a little black line design on them. The back wheel was higher than the front one.

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The Goat That Got Their Goat!

One of the family’s farm animals was a big white billy goat that often got loose and was in trouble. They had to watch him when they did laundry because he pulled the clothes off the line. Once he got very sick from drinking a bucket of whitewash he thought was milk!

One fine spring day, Frank’s mother, Jennie, and his sisters were doing the seasonal housecleaning. They had the carpets outside hung over the clotheslines and were beating them to remove the dust. Some of the girls were doing wash; others had the screens outside and were cleaning them. The windows were open, and they were airing out the house. In the midst of all the activity, his mother noticed movement in one of the upstairs windows. She was horrified to see the goat standing on the bed eating the curtains!

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